Redefining business cards for the digital age.

Terra Reality
  • UX Research & Design
  • Front End Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Interactive Design
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Animation

The practice of designing, distributing, and collecting business cards feels antiquated, and with the widespread movement to mobile technology in business, we started working on a complete app to design, share, collect, and organize digital business cards.

I lead our initial discovery and market research into the needs of business professionals in the arena of networking. Paper business cards, a long-standing cornerstone of the business world, came with many of its own problems:
  • Leaving an event with a large handful of business cards to manually sift through and manage causes strain on professionals
  • Over 80% of business cards are thrown away after 2 weeks.
  • Redesigning & ordering new cards creat unneccesary delays
  • Managing consistent branding for large & dynamic teams can be a challenge
We aimed to revolutionize this old networking tradition, by building a digital solution to aid an ever changing business world.
After organizing with our development team and structuring our project timeline, I lead our design efforts of creating user flows through our system to use as our main design spec before beginning designing the wireframes. We went through multiple rounds of design iteration, and I solidified a intuitive UI and developed the front-end of the application as well as the administrative web portal. I also lead the branding efforts and motion design involved in the prototyping of the app pages. We ideated and researched what modern professionals need to utilize business cards:
  • Create multiple business cards all on the same account, ready to share via text or within the app
  • Easy to use card designer, with multiple pre-installed dynamic templates
  • Sortable contact list with enhanced privacy protection, so only the people you want have your information
  • Show your support of your contacts by endorsing their card
  • Up to date analytics showing how your contacts are interacting with your Tinkit card
  • For in-person interactions, we created a patented interaction, the handshake, to seamlessly connect two users and instantly shares their Tinkit card to the other.
Once we stablished how individuals on the front lines could create and share their business cards, we looked beyond to how companies of any size can synchronize their users with business cards that unify the brand for each employee. Businesses can create groups of their employees and, through one web portal, manage everyone's Tinkit card with all relevant up-to-date information, from roles & positions to contact information.
To market Tinkit, I organized and filmed a tutorial video series with my team, and we created multiple interaction demos. I combined these with animated walkthroughs I created in After Effects to properly showcase what this app could do to improve the networking experience.
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